Who We Are

Downtown Lethbridge is a visionary collective of business leaders who believe that the heart of the city beats in its centre core.

The organization they formed in 1987, the Downtown Lethbridge Business Revitalization Zone (BRZ), has succeeded, through close co-operation on mutual interests, in adding the necessary vibrancy to make that heart beat with a strong and steady pulse.

By promoting the downtown business community as a viable economic district, while retaining its predominant historical flavour, Downtown Lethbridge has brought the area back to the prominence it once enjoyed in the city’s economic and social life.

A non-profit organization, the BRZ is funded by the 500+ businesses it represents through a tax levy.

Membership in the Downtown BRZ is automatic; each business continues to be a member as long as it falls within the downtown commercial district boundaries. The organization is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who represent business owners from within the zone. The Board works with a full-time Executive Director and one administrative support employee.

Downtown Lethbridge serves its member by implementing unique programs to promote area interests and attractions. It highlights the positive aspects of the area through beautification, marketing, public relations and street maintenance initiatives.

The organization also provides public advocacy on important issues affecting the downtown core and maintains partnerships with the City of Lethbridge, institutions, service groups and other non-profit agencies.

Downtown Lethbridge is an ideal business environment in a premium centralized location with a unique mix of boutique retailers, restaurants, coffee shops and professional services.