Jiayuan Dumpling House: A Taste of North Eastern China, Handmade of Course

Posted on : Friday, August 01, 2014


What do you do when that sudden craving of Chinese food hits you out of the blue? Usually it’s the same old number four with a side of chow mein and probably a little regret for dessert right? You know what I’m talking about.

Well friends of downtown Lethbridge if you haven’t tried out Jiayuan Dumpling House’s authentic hand made dumplings or noodles yet, your views on Chinese food will be altered after just one delicious handmade meal.

In the summer of 2013, Eric Shi and his family decided to open up shop in the downtown of Lethbridge. Why you might ask? Eric explains that his wife “is an excellent cook of North Eastern Chinese cuisine, especially when it comes to making dumplings.” So why wouldn’t he want to share that with the rest of Lethbridge?

“My wife is very passionate about North Eastern Chinese cuisine,” explains Eric.

“In fact, she is so good that in the states (USA) her dumplings were best rated in our hometown.”

Eric, his wife and daughter oversee all the day-to-day operations. Whether it’s preparing both the noodles, dumplings from scratch early in the morning to the front end of the house being run as tight as a drum, Jiayuan Dumpling House is the true definition of a family ran business.

Nothing in this restaurant is prepackaged, you can expect to eat straight from the hands of this family ran dumpling house. Everything from the noodles, right down to the very popular pancakes are shaped by the hands of the Shi family.

So remember the next time that craving for Chinese food hits hard and heavy, come on down to see Eric and his family for a home cooked North Eastern Chinese meal you will not forget