Strutting Your Stuff at Festival Square

Posted on : Friday, August 08, 2014


The Southern Alberta Ethnic Association (SAEA) and the Lethbridge Association for Community Living (LACL) are no strangers when it comes to promoting understanding and awareness in our city through programs and events. The Walk Off Fundraiser held on August 7th in Festival Square certainly was no exception.


The Zoolander-esque Walk Off Fundraiser was organized by LACL and SAEA to provide funds towards a scholarship that the LACL offers to individuals with developmental disabilities attending a Mixed Ability Drama class at the University of Lethbridge starting this fall.

People were asked to vote for their favorite contestants by donation, and of course there couldn’t be just one walk-off. To determine the winner each contestant was given a chance to strut their stuff in two walk-offs, where they showcased their fabulous outfits, and their fancy footwork.


The top five donation generating contestants moved on to the final walk off that was sanctioned by the old school walk off rules, rules that are as ancient as the opening night of the Zoolander movie back in 2001.


Billy Blair, crooned down the catwalk to the tunes of the infamous Michael Jackson, who he had definitely drawn his inspiration from for both his outfit and his moves. With the flick of his hat and smoothness of his moonwalk, it was clear that Blair was the crowd favorite. After three heart-racing rounds Blair was deemed the champion in this years walk off, as he was able to procure the most in donations for the evening.


If that wasn’t enough fashion for one fundraising event, there were ‘couture’ hot dogs available for those needing a snack in between walk off rounds. This was no ordinary hot dog. These were dogs that one could only boast as a ‘haute’ dog. These ‘haute’ dogs were hand crafted by Lethbridge's top hot dog artists.  It didn’t stop there folks, those who purchased these fashionable summer time treats were given the opportunity to pop into a photo booth for a photo-op to showcase the greatness of their ‘haute’ dogs.


The evening drew a crowd of over 80 people in festival square. The crowd not only came to watch the walk off, but they were encouraged to shimmy and shake down the runway too. This family friendly event is a perfect example as to why Festival Square was designed. The Downtown Lethbridge BRZ looks forward to many more events to be hosted in the heart of downtown.

Rufus the mime getting ready to strut his stuff on the catwalk.
The infamous Hot Dog Artist stops for a quick photo-op between making one-of-a-kind 'haute dogs'
The competition was fierce throughout the evening with mind blowing out fits and brain melting moves.
And the winner is... Billy Blair ladies and gentleman.