Beginners Guide to Downtown: Getting back Into fitness centres

Posted on : Thursday, July 08, 2021


Since the beginning of July, the government of Alberta entered its 3rd stage meaning all Covid restrictions are lifted. It feels a little weird that life has somewhat gone back to what it was before covid-19, and many of us may be hesitant to go back to our old routines. With vaccine numbers continuously rising and restrictions lifted we can now say something that has not been said in a while which is “I’m going to the gym”.  Let's get back to our fitness routines! Downtown Lethbridge offers a great variety of gyms, yoga studios and fitness centers that can fit anyone's needs. It is important to support local businesses that have been challenged during Covid, and it is also important for each person to get back into fitness because of the amazing benefits it can bring to one’s physical and mental health. This can include walking, biking, or going to one of the wide ranges of fitness facilities available in downtown Lethbridge. With summer here make sure you come check out all the local businesses that make up Downtown Lethbridge.