What makes us different?

Posted on : Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Enjoy the Outdoors

Your child will enjoy plenty of outdoor time on our outdoor rooftop playground (weather depending). Children are encouraged to engage with their environment in all seasons.

This open-ended play environment provides your child an opportunity to engage in free and unstructured play in a natural setting. When children are encouraged to explore without intrinsic goals, they become problem solvers, gain confidence, and learn to collaborate.


Communication is Key

Gaining deeper insights into your child’s unique interests, needs and abilities is easier than ever with Storytime.

It is a secure and private app which allows educators to post updates on your child’s day complete with photos and videos, learning and development stories, newsletters, notices as well as communicate important news to you in real time.


Snacks and Menus

Your child receives quality, chef-prepared lunches, as well as morning and afternoon snacks on a four-week menu rotation that is available to parents in advance.