What is a BRZ?

Posted on : Wednesday, January 05, 2022


While our organization, the Downtown Lethbridge Business Revitalization Zone has been around since 1987, we figured that many of you might not know what a BRZ is and what it does for the community. We would like to reintroduce the meaning and purpose in this blog. 

So, what is a BRZ? A Business Revitalization Zone is a non-profit association, in our case, funded by the over 500 businesses we represent through a tax levy. A BRZ aims to promote and improve the economic vitality and physical landscape of their business district, doing so by promoting the area as a business, retail, and social destination. We implement unique programs to promote area interests and attractions. Enhancing the area through beautification, marketing, public relations and street maintenance initiatives. 

Our DBRZ is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who represent business owners within the zone. Our board works with a full time Community Director, Marketing Coordinator, and Clean Sweep manager. In addition, we have DBRZ ambassadors that aid in marketing tasks and the promotion of downtown through events. 

The DBRZ is a local entity that maintains partnerships with the City of Lethbridge, cultural venues, service groups and other non-profit agencies.

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