Posted on : Monday, August 01, 2022


Fort Whoop-Up has a new art installation! The piece is part of Tracey- Mae Chambers, “Hope and Healing Canada” nationwide project. 

This project was created to “start conversations around decolonizing public spaces and the interconnectivity that all Indigenous communities across Canada share, by creating intricate, complex, and beautiful displays of red yarn in public spaces.” 

In Tourism Lethbridge's conversation with the artist, she noted that “public spaces serve to present a colonial viewpoint and primarily speak about the settlers who arrived and lived here, but not the Indigenous people that were displaced along the way.” 

The installations use red yarn, which Chambers’ reuses at various locations to represent the concept of connectivity. The threads resemble the connections between people, communities, and the environment. 

Hope and Healing are the driving symbols of Chambers' work as she “symbolically reconnects a fractured society with tangled webs of red yarn.” The colour red was chosen to represent blood, passion, anger, courage and love. 

The art installation is now in place and will remain on display until October. 


Photo courtesy of Tourism Lethbridge