Person Feature - Colin Howe

Posted on : Wednesday, August 03, 2022


I am Colin Howe, and I am the part owner of How Sweet Inc.I have my ever wonderful wife, Carrie, of almost 23 years who has just put up with me for a long time. We have a 19 year old daughter who works at the store and she's involved in business and she's enjoying it as well. And she's off to college. We've got a cat. Originally, I'm from Calgary, but I've been in Lethbridge since 89, so you could say I've been here a long time. I ran other people's businesses. I ran the roof barn in town for a few years and then I worked for Ufa for 15 years in different management roles. In the winter I goaltend for a team. In the summer I enjoy video games.

I've always wanted to open up my own shop. The candy store happened because when I was looking for a business opportunity in Lethbridge, I noticed we didn't have one. And that seems silly. My thinking is, I would like to have a business where people came in happy and left happy. And this certainly fits the bill. I think having a shop downtown is excellent. Just for the foot traffic alone. That's helped our business grow. also the sense of community with other businesses, that's been a big positive as well: working together. Andrew and Erica from Club Cigar were nice enough to get me a shirt in our first year we were open for Halloween, that said candy inspector. That's pretty awesome.

I like the variety. I like that you can find the older candies. You can find old favorites, like my favorites, of course, being Dino Sours and Fun Dip. And I like our selection of pop, I think it’s excellent. I like that we bring in Canadian products, we bring in Japanese products, we'll bring in Mexican products, We also do a lot of local and that's super popular as well. So I guess it comes down to variety.

Our Pop supplier, He started with his own pop store and he's out of Airdrie. He has since purchased into a chain out of the States called Rocket Fizz. And so two thirds of their store is pop, just random random pop. Frosties are pretty good. Frosties are made by Orca Beverages out of Washington state and they do a whole bunch of retro pops like the Americana they make and a bunch of my root beers.. They do a good job. They do a really good job with that pop. I enjoy any root beer, so any of the root beers. I've always been pro candy in my life. I enjoy Dino Sours; classic: something to get stuck in your teeth. I'm enjoying the Sour Patch Kid Cola out of the U.K Those are really good. I follow a lot of candy hunters in the States and they'll show you things like Twix is coming out with a cookie dough bar that isn't going to come down till January. That's going to be pretty cool. You know, Nitro Pepsi was a holy grail for about a month, and I got it and it sold and it was great. And now it's gone and people have moved on to the next thing. So the candy world, it's always changing. Like they're yeah, the carrot that's dangled in front of you apparently always changes colors.

I guess it's the variety like we do a lot of American candy, which, you know, most people recognize things like nerd clusters or nerds ropes. Those are super popular that people like doing. But, you know, if you want something nostalgic, you know, we've got about 70 flavors of saltwater taffy. We have a sugar free section for those who are trying to do reduced sugar diets or they're diabetic. We make our own candy bouquets and baskets and we deliver them in town. I don't think I've ever met anyone who said no, no, that's okay, I don't want any candy. Local goods we bring in, like the Whips caramels or the sweet two sisters suckers or, you know, even freeze dried candies, like there's a whole bunch of stuff. So we should have something for everyone here.