Flash From the Past!

Posted on : Monday, August 08, 2022


If you have been at events downtown, you may have been starting to see more of our new merch for sale.

Our white t-shirt has a small logo on the front and a large graphic on the back displaying the beautiful landscape of the coulees, high level bridge, and the city off in the background. It being such a clean modern design you would be forgiven for believing it is a modern design when in fact it is from the 90s. al l we did was change the colours to match pur new image.

You can buy this shirt for $35 on our website, at the Wednesday farmer market downtown, at our building, and at any of the pop-up shops (watch our facebook and instagram to find out when and where.)

That's not the only design we have. We have a black t-shirt also for $35 with a photo of the historic clock tower. Our Navy Crew Neck goes for $50 and our white hoodie is $60. 


If you have a copy of the original t-shirt from the 90s, Tag us in a photo!