People of Downtown- Sarah Jane Christensen

Posted on : Friday, September 23, 2022


Sarah Jane from Visual Art & Tattoo has always had a passion for entrepreneurship. This notion dates back to her childhood when she started selling snails from her fish tank. She developed this passion at a young age, mixing in her creative abilities and leading her to exploring and wanting to become a tattoo artist at just 16 years old. Although she always knew she wanted to be a tattoo artist, she wasn't so sure on how she was going to get there, which led her to pursuing a university degree in 2007. Shortly after her daughter was born, she decided it was time to go for it and officially begin her path towards becoming a tattoo artist. She went to Execuserv Plus and pitched herself as a tattoo artist and they took a bet on her with no formal training whatsoever. This gave her the strength and confidence to continue pushing forward into the industry and start her apprenticeship at Jaded Body Arts! Later in her career she found herself looking to continue with her entrepreneurial mindset and found herself aiming to open her own studio. Shortly after leasing a space, she was ready to begin creating an environment that allowed her to be an artist, entrepreneur, and a community representative.


In her free time, Sarah enjoys numbers and numerology as well as ancient civilizations. She also enjoys spending time focusing on her creativity and drawing inspiration for her artwork and future project she has on the go. When asked what she loves about Lethbridge, she said that when she moved here in 1998, she didn't quite see herself living here for long but didn't want to give up on the community as she felt a connection to the city. She thinks what makes Lethbridge special is its diverse and welcoming community. She loves being able to hear and connect to the different personal stories of those she meets here or that come through her shop. She has always loved Downtown Lethbridge and just how easy it is to walk around, experience what downtown has to offer, and run into new and old friends.