Nick McQuik

Dates & Times:
Saturday, March 16th 6:30pm & 9:30pm

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Born in the wilderness, Nick killed his way through every animal to make it to civilization. A Jedi of the highest caliber, he lends his twisted mind to his sexy mouth to make an unstoppable combination of Talking/Typing words, sometimes they are funny.

Nick’s favorite food is whey protein powder, not mixed with anything; just spoonfuls of raw milk by-product. He is allergic to asbestos and being stabbed. He has been observed drinking red wine or blood, but is more of a Gatorade kind of guy. Owning almost an entire suit he is a man of such class no one can’t even end this sentence properly.

Nick is a proud Ginger-raced man who stands between 5’10 and 6’ tall and does not enjoy being left in the sun light. With and athletic build and even more athletic penis, he is a charm to most people not around him, by comparison. He has often been described smelling of sadness and broken dreams (pawn shop), but tastes more like sweat. Nick’s other measurements are none of your business, and, frankly, you should feel bad for asking.

Most of Nick’s family is dead or wild dogs roaming the wild. When asked of his past, he killed five people. Take heed…this man is a force of nature ready to disrobe and violently bukakai all over you. He is not much of a cat person, and much more of a person because his mom didn’t fuck a cat. To summarize Nick in two words, you would use more. Obviously (see above)