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Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada,

Hypnotherapy is the use of creative visualization or hypnosis in a therapeutic setting.  It is safe and very effective with many clients noticing a positive change after one session. 

JR Hypnotherapy is owned and operated by James R M Castelli, B.A., CHt. Here is a short listing of the areas in which James is using hypnotherapy to help his clients make positive change happen: stop smoking; weight loss; managing pain (chronic, phantom, migraine, cancer); anxiety and fear; depression; dentistry (managing pain and fear); nausea (child birth and chemotherapy); habit disorders (nail biting, hair pulling, picking, teeth grinding); childbirth (reduce pain and stress and reduce labour time); high blood pressure; digestive disorders (IBS and acid reflux); surgery (reduce stress and anxiety and improve recovery time); confidence and self esteem; success building for business (sometimes we are the greatest obstacle to our own success) ; ADD/ADHD; and sleep disorders.  

Please note that a doctor’s referral may be required prior to beginning therapy.

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