Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

This relatively new initiative came about as a result of the fallout of the community drug crisis. The CPTED grant is part of the overall Downtown Clean and Safe Strategy and is available to businesses and/or property in the downtown as well as an expanded area in proximity to the old Supervised Consumption Site and the current shelter.

Business and/or property owners are eligible for an up to $5000 matching grant for projects that help to make their property safer i.e. motion sensing lighting, surveillance cameras, fencing, Peka Rollshutters, etc. Funding is only available for exterior elements.

Although there are a few members of LPS that are trained to do CPTED reports, the majority of CPTED grant applications do not require that level of review. Business/property owners interested in applying for a CPTED grant are asked to provide a quote(s) prior to beginning the project. They are also asked to provide before and after images of the buildings areas where the exterior safety elements have been installed.

Contact: Andrew Malcolm (Urban Revitalization Manager, City of Lethbridge)